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Ibid County Electric Awarded the Platinum Stake Award

On Thursday February 20, 2003 IBID County Electric was presented with a Platinum Stake Award for the year 2002 from the Cornerstone Alliance at a reception held at the Mendel Center at Lake Michigan College. This award recognizes businesses that accomplished at least one of the following benchmarks during 2002: an employment increase of 100 jobs; 100% increase in sales of unit volume; expansion of physical plant by at least 50%; capital investment of at least $300,000. In 2002, we added a 6,400 square foot storage and repair facility and performed a major remodel of the existing office and warehouse area, converting the existing warehouse into additional office space for our new employees.

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Ibid Employees Become Registered Cabling Installation Technicians

The professional designation of registered Cabling Installation Technician was awarded to Tom Woodley, Scott Salvano, Marty Sheline, Jason Tavolacci and Pete Matner by BICSI ® , a telecommunications association, in recognition of having successfully completed BICSI's registration and examination requirements.

BICSI's Telecommunications Cabling Installation Training and Registration Program offers training and testing that leads to a registration designation for telecommunications cabling installers. This program includes three levels: Installer, Level 1; Installer, Level 2; and Technician. Each level offers classroom instruction with a structured on-the-job training checklist. It also includes a written and hands-on registration examination.

Nearly 10,000 voice, data, and video professionals have been registered in BICSI's Telecommunications Cabling Installation Program. For more information about BICSI's installation program or other registration and training programs, contact BICSI at 800-242-7405 or 813-979-1991, or e-mail bicsi@bicsi.org. Information and a database of BICSI Registered Installers are also available on BICSI's web site at www.bicsi.org.

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